Dr. Graphx is a graphic arts service business located in the heart of Chicago.  We provide full-service large-format and specialty print production, design, and project management to some of the world’s most discriminating agencies, corporate clients, and retail customers. We are a one-stop shop for retail, corporate, non-profits and B2B companies.

Visual Impact

Dr. Graphx uses the most cutting-edge methods to take your marketing strategy and creative ideas from strong to jaw-droppingly stunning. Whether it’s an innovative installation that makes your brand visible in three dimensions, or a three-story, bold wall graphic that greets every employee and client, we cover your needs with 25+ years experience of pushing the envelope.


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Environmental graphics

Our specialty is transforming your space into something special. Wall, windows, doors, ceilings and floors are all places where your environment can be changed with graphics. We have solutions to make your space great.

Our services

Every successful project needs a detailed approach. We can provide that through every step of the process. We can offer project management for the whole scope of a job or just the parts where you need a partner to get it there.


Whether you have a strong concept or some simple ideas, we can help that blank canvas become a vibrant space. We can consult on what materials and planning you need for your project.

Print and fabrication

Our wide-format production shop can make those designs tangible. If we can’t do it in-house we have an array of partners throughout the country who can make it happen.


The last mile can present the biggest challenges but we have the experience and attitude to make things go right. Our crew of installers will make sure everything in it’s place just the way you envisioned.


As a corporate Facilities Manager, I began working with Dr. Graphx in 2012. Through collaboration with Mike Mages and his team at Dr. Graphx, we managed to meet my internal customer timelines while maintaining the color and specificity of the final product. We were thrilled with Mike and his team’s implementation and they were able to make our changes while still meeting our deadlines prior to a major distributor visiting the space. This result was above our expectations in terms of speed and quality installation. What I appreciated most about working with Dr. Graphx was their ability to be patient with our internal regulations, maintaining flexibility to keep everyone happy, but still delivering the expected results as far as quality and pricing.- Julie Bizer, Facilities Manager, MillerCoors
I wanted to say thank you to Mike and the Dr Graphx team for making our 4A project a success. The team went the extra mile to deliver a variety of different branding elements to a new space within one of our existing buildings and we couldn't be happier with the results. Dr Graphx always comes through and continues to produce high quality graphics, film, and vinyl that make our space light up. Thank you again.- Pete Kennedy, Discover Financial, Design & Construction Project Manager
I would like to extend my honest and sincere Thank You to the entire Dr. Graphx Team. While developing a comprehensive Design Vignette for our Client - The NELSON Design Team worked collectively hand-in-hand with the Design and Fabrication Team at Dr. Graphx to develop product a graphics package that would celebrate and enhance our DESIGN and would in turn produce a best in class headquarters, new home ,for WEC (formerly Integrys Energy) in Chicago, Illinois. Throughout all floors, within the open areas of workplace – we celebrated and promoted the use of collaborative space through the use of “exploded in scale” large digital graphics. Design Concepts were developed collaboratively with the Dr. Graphx Design Team. Means and Methods of installation were coordinated with the Dr. Graphx installation Team. The rest is history…. And the results are beautiful .- Alfred Fiesel, NELSON

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