Environmental Design

Dr. Graphx can make your space come alive.

Dr. Graphx can transform a lobby, entryway, hallway, conference room, unique-purpose environment, museum, display walls, windows, or innumerable other areas into much more than utilitarian surfaces. We can wrap your columns, hang display cases, create and mount artwork, 3D logos or branded messages.

​Our environmental graphics and design partner, Envirographx, looks at space and envisions it as a beautifully designed, branded canvas. They see images and messages. They see surface areas that engage and delight. They see space that over-achieves, way beyond attractive interior design.

We combine several pools of talent. We are the creative visionaries, showing you what is possible by combining text, images and 3D objects. Dr. Graphx also has the production experience of almost 35 years of in-house, interior and exterior large format printing, production, and installation.

We can provide 360º solutions to transform your space. Whether it’s walls and doors, or ceilings and floors, even windows become blank canvasses on which we can fulfill your strategic visual and branding needs.

Dr. Graphx, in partnership with Envirographx, offers design, fabrication and installation capabilities to turn your office space into a beautifully branded corporate interior.

Visit www.envirographx.com for detailed information, or email curt@drgraphx.com