Pad Printed Dimensional Items

Dimensional and advertising premium printing specialists.

Pad Printing has the unique ability to print on three-dimensional objects, compound angles, and textured surfaces.

This ability to apply ink on irregular, curved and spherical items allow us to imprint onto plastic, acrylic, metals, ceramic, felt, glass, leather, fabrics, porcelain, rubber, styrene, vinyl, wood—just about every conceivable surface.

Owner and Partner Steve Langer, began his printing career over 40 years ago. He continually educated himself in many different printing techniques. He learned pre-prep & production for offset, web, flex hot-stamping, silkscreen & heat transfer. In 1986, he was hired by Ala Carte, an ASI company that specialized in pad printing on wrapped candy, where he became fascinated by the ability to print on 3-dimensional items. He took on the challenge of printing on gumballs, something that was rarely, if ever, done before.

He opened his first pad printing business, Pad Printing Decorators, in 1991, where he developed a national reputation in the ASI Industry as a reliable, dependable & experienced pad printer.

In 1998 he relocated to South Carolina, where he started Pad Printing Specialties. Soon he had acquired an end-user list that read like a Who’s Who for Fortune 500 companies.

In 2006, Langer relocated back to Chicago, where he partnered with Dr. Graphx, and operates Langer Printing at the Dr. Graphx West Town offices.

Dr. Graphx, in partnership with Langer Printing, offers dimensional and ad premium pad printing services to Fortune 500 companies across the country.

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