Design Services

Whether you have a strong concept or some simple ideas, we can help that blank canvas become a vibrant space. We can consult on design, materials and planning you need for your project.

Dr. Graphx by Tukaiz has an in-house staff of designers and production artists, so, whether you have final files ready for output, or just a sketch on a napkin, we can make it happen.

Environmental Graphics

Dr. Graphx by Tukaiz can transform a lobby, entryway, hallway, conference room, special purpose environment, museum, display walls, windows, or innumerable areas into much more than utilitarian surfaces. We can wrap your columns, hang display cases, create and mount artwork, 3D logos and branded messages.

We look at space and envision it as a beautifully designed, branded canvas.

We see space that over-achieves—beyond simply attractive interior design. We show you what is possible by combining text, images and 3D objects.

Dr. Graphx by Tukaiz also has the production an installation experience of over 35 years of in-house, interior and exterior large format printing, production and installation.

Branding and marketing

Need more than just an attractive banner layout? Dr. Graphx designers can design and produce wall coverings, tradeshow graphics, themed and interactive displays–entire creative marketing campaigns.  And their experience and capabilities extend far beyond large format digital output. Why not tie in your next project‘s look and feel into a website or email marketing campaign to support your creative, theme and brand.

Interactive design

Dr. Graphx can develop interactive websites, kiosks, video, POP merchandising–all designed and created within brand or around a creative strategy.  Go beyond the ordinary.

Art and photography

Type not enough? Just a logo too sublime? Our art directors can find (or work with a photographer) the photo you need or find the illustration or photo that can make your big wall, big sign, or big exhibit a big hit with high quality imagery.
Dr. Graphx has in-house designers as well as outside design firms to assist, create, and produce final art files to assure your project results are as good as your expectations.